New Image Painting
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About Us

Starting in 1998 New Image Painting has been on a roll (pardon the pun). We have been taking care of our customers, who are our most valued partners, in taking care of homes and building throughout the Northwest. Our stamp of quality and the pride in our work has been left in homes with contemporary to classic architecture and from small businesses to major commercial buildings...

We started our business by working with craftsman and learning classic techniques that over time has allowed us to provide security and confidence to our customers and partners in the quality and workmanship New Image Painting provides.

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The preparation of a home or business is the most important part of the painting process. Pealed paint needs to be removed. Cracks, holes, breaks...they all need to be filled and sanded. Primer needs to be used... Restoration and creation always takes more care than simply covering something with color. Healing the structure before painting is what provides for the years of enjoyment afterwards.


Communicating with our customers and partners is necessary because there are details that need to be translated in to both action and color. All of the preparations and care preparing to do the work establishes the foundation to creating the vision. The vision is what our customers see and it is important because it is with their help and their foresight that together we make the vision a reality.

Paint Quality

Never underestimate the importance of the source of paint. New Image Painting uses Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paints because the Quality is simply superior and the color tints are of the highest quality. This provides your home with an umbrella of protection and years of care free worry.

Service, Quality, Respect... Start the process of renewing your home and request a quote today.